Our Vision

Pure Padel is on a journey to help make Padel Tennis the next generation of racquet sports in the UK.

What's more we're looking for everyone to join us. And we mean everyone. Our vision for Pure Padel is to make the sport more available, accessible and inclusive than any other racquet sport in the country.

It means building the best facilities at over 30 venues around the UK and then opening our doors to everyone, from elite padel players to those who would love the idea of trying the world's fastest growing sport but feel racquet sport clubs are not for them.

You're more than welcome to join us on our journey.

Book your court now!

No membership fees- it's purely pay to play. Download the app now to book a court, book a group coaching session, and play with people with a similar ranking as you.

Sponsored by San Carlo

Pure Padel Clubs are proud to be sponsored by San Carlo restaurants.